85 on the 11


October / 2018
Evidencing a bus ride from beginning to end
︎ Data Design / Observation / Bookbinding

85 on the 11 tells the story of a single bus journey, from beginning to end. It allows the reader to experience the ride themselves, through a series of diagrams that document the information I came by as a passive observer.

Chance and control can be found simultaneously on public transport. On any given bus journey there is a set route, but theres also a constant stream of variables, such as the passengers and the weather, to name a few. I recorded the entire lifespan of that singular bus journey, dividing it into 12 chapters of the data uncovered. In a way, I want to waste my audience’s time to validate the 85 minutes I spent on a bus. You’ll be able to discover where travellers sat, what stops were the most popular, and how a newspaper traveled from passenger to passenger.