Design for Planet

October / 2021
Designing a sustainable festival︎
︎ Brand Identity / Wayfinding / Digital and Print / Collaboration
Design Council

Design for Planet seeks to galvanise and support the UK’s design industry to commit to a sustainable, climate-first future. Hosted by Design Council, the two-day festival brought together 120 sustainable design leaders, 6,000 online attendees and was awarded Gold in the GOV Design Awards 2022.

A challenge we had to overcome when designing the festival, was to find a way to make the digital and physical space seamless. Many people weren’t able to attend the event at the V&A Dundee, so we had to create an equally attractive experience for them. It’s also no minor detail that we weren’t able to do a location scout for all the printed material. With help from some lovely locals, we were able to print and dress the space with the most sustainable materials, such as large-format recycled vynil for our backdrops.