Design Economy 2021

June / 2021
A platform to discover the economic, social and environmental value of design in the UK ︎
︎ Brand Identity / Website / Collaboration
Design Council

A landmark microsite for Design Council’s Design Economy, aiming to help us understand the current and future value of design to the UK from a social, environmental and economic perspective. With interactive information, and layered findings, the website aimed to be as accesible as possible. I was responsible for developing and creating the  website for its first phase, with ambitions for new research to be included onto it for the next three years.
Design Economy considers the diversity of the design sector, how well it is responding to people’s different wants and needs, its vital role in levelling up the UK’s regional economies, and the changes that must be made to ensure that design works for everyone. Traditionally, this information has been launched as a publication, but due to the new digital world we now inhabit in, we stepped our game up to allow it to reach as many people as possible. The interactive digital platform hosts the most up to date findings, stories and toolkits from Design Economy: 2021-2024. 

Series of social media posts for Design Economy (2022)