The Lighter Book 

May / 2019
Collaborative investigation into the knowledge of a mundane object.
︎ Research-led / Bookbinding / Layout 

The Lighter Book is a physical manifestation of a collective schema. It explores the myriad meanings that can be unearthed from the mundane, in this case, a lighter. Command over fire has been a boon for mankind since our earliest days, yet in the modern age, lighters are commonplace, carried in our pockets, and taken for granted. The book offers insight into how infinitely a single object can impact our everyday lives. With an extensive investigation and process of documentation, the meaning of the lighter is constructed and then deconstructed between myself and collaborators who provided their own specific knowledge of the object. The publication is formed of 18 chapters, each exploring a different aspect of the lighter.

The publication aims to encourage deeper observations of the objects that surround us day-to-day, in an effort to highlight the commonly overlooked. There is a certain treachery behind every one of these pocket-enigmas, an obstruction between the eyes and the mind, and by unveiling it we can create a better understanding of ourselves.

The 465 page publication is perfect bound, with screenprinted covers. It consists of 18 chapters, each developing the meaning of a lighter visually through illustrations, photography, and diagrams. Five different types of paper stock are used to create a division between the main thematics that string the book together.

The Lighter Book was exhibited at the Central Saint Martins 2019 Degree Show. The following banner was produced to give an overview of the content found within the book. A series of risograph prints of illustrations from the book were also made to go alongside it.