Make Your Mark

January / 2019
Finalist proposal for Central Saint Martin’s 2019 Degree Show Identity 
︎ Identity Branding / Layout / Wayfinding

A proposal made in collaboration with Jessica Duggan. We believe Central Saint Martins is built on a creative diversity and freedom. As designers, we value play and experimentation. People often celebrate beginnings and endings, but we think it’s all about the middle.

It’s on the many journeys in between where we have made our marks. We intend to celebrate not only the success of the final year students, but also the different journeys we have each taken along the way. From our first day at Central Saint Martins, to the 2019 Degree Show. The proposal aims to engage students, tutors, and visitors to interact with the branding on a grand scale. To celebrate the diversity of each individuals creativity, the show’s identity will provide an opportunity for mass participation.

We will provide a template with the basic information as a starting point. This space allows for a total transformation, calling out for creative interactions.

Connecting from dot to dot with a continuous line, the creative individual completes the brand identity, leaving their own personal mark on it.

The visual identity is materialisedwith a wayfinding system, creating tapepaths for the “journeys” from signage boards into the exhibition rooms.